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“I have found CJN to be a great contractor to work with as they are very personable and their quality of work is excellent. Knowing that they will deal with any issues that arise in the restaurant is comforting as it allows me to get on with my work knowing they will take care of problems without me having to oversee”

- Agnar Sverrisson, Head Chef and Part Owner

We have carried out various works for this Michelin star restaurant over the years, including laying new hard wood flooring with a distressed finish, creating a new maitre D’ station and the installation of new glass doors to the Private Dining Room which frost electronically at the touch of a button. Perhaps the most intricate piece of work we have done here is the restoration of the ceiling. As the restaurant is in a Grade II listed building we had to restore the magnificent ceiling using the original methods of installation. Horse hairs were used for decorating and fibrous plaster moldings were taken and fitted to recreate the exact look of the original ceiling.